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Hi Dear Reader!

Welcome to my online home and thank you for spending time with me! Let me introduce myself with a little Q&A. I hope to see you back here in my succeeding posts! Happy reading. :)

Who is romyisagirl?  

My real name is Romy, and I'm a girl. I was named after my father, Romeo, and the actress Romy Schneider. Whenever people hear my name, their automatic next question is, "Romy? Why Romy?" Sometimes they even ask me, "Are you sure that's your name?" Well, I've had it since birth so I'm pretty sure it is! If I had one peso for every time I was addressed Sir Romy or Mr. Romy, I'd probably have a small fortune by now. That's why I chose romyisagirl, so people won't have to wonder whether they're talking to a boy or a girl online. 

I am a writer. I have been writing professionally for nine years, but I started writing poems when I was 10 years old. I have been blogging on and off for eleven years.

I graduated with a degree in Journalism from the University of the Philippines, with units in Creative Writing. During my senior year, I became a lifestyle contributor for a business daily. After graduating in 2008, I got a job as a senior staff writer for the leading entertainment magazine in the country. I held the position for almost three years.

In the last three years, I have been a content writer for a multi-national manufacturing company and an online editor for a Telecom company. I have been and am currently a contributor to magazines and websites.
I am also a daughter, a sister, a giddy aunt, a girlfriend, and a (returning) choir girl. 

As a writer, I love talking and listening to other people and learn about their stories and experiences. I love to travel, watch movies and TV series, read books, and I'm one of those annoying people who take photos of their food before eating. But I've been doing it long before smartphones and Instagram. Taking a photo of what I ate helps me remember what happened that day, whether it's from a trip abroad or even just an ordinary day.

When and how did you start blogging?

I started blogging in 2004, when I discovered a friend's blog. I was a sophomore in college and had time to kill between classes. It was Friendster's heyday and I was always answering surveys. I figured, my thoughts deserved another venue. I met other bloggers who eventually became friends. Tabulas was my home for eight years. When I started working, I blogged less and less. I also reached a phase when I didn't want to share my life in public. I retreated to Twitter and Instagram where my posts were private. 

After Tabulas shut down, I made another blog. It produced a couple of viral posts that got a lot of page views. But my old handle (an2netluv) is way outdated, and the blog's look is already associated with my baking side hustle, so I decided to start anew. And that's how I ended up creating this site! 

What is your blog about?

As a lifestyle writer, writing about what's new is really my strength. I have this instinct to share with others something I discovered. You will read entries about travel, food, beauty, and samples of my fiction writing. Remember what I said about talking to other people? I want to share stories of successful people so we can be inspired to succeed too! 

I also love to learn new things (I enjoy attending workshops!), so I'll make sure to have pieces that will help you gain new skills and life hacks. Budget is very important too, so I have product reviews to help you determine whether you should score that new tube of lipstick or hang on to your hard-earned money. 

I want this site to be a place for working women to discover ways to keep a healthy work-life balance. As someone who has worked in the corporate world, I know how toxic it can get. But before you get ahead of yourself and throw in the towel, maybe all you need is a little diversion. 

Whether you're stressed about a project you're working on and looking for a nearby coffee shop to decompress with your squad, want to try a new resto so you can eat your feelings, if you're searching for your next long weekend destination, or even want to learn how to cook a simple recipe for your baon, I want this site to be your go-to place. Let's discover together! 

That's it, pansit! Join me as I discover and learn how we can lead a happy, balanced life. See ya back here in a jiffy! :)

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