Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Wedding Supplier Review: Our Cake by Joy San Gabriel

Our cake supplier is one of the best decisions I made for our wedding.

Wedding reviews usually come with a rating and I forewent that in my previous entries, but for Ms. Joy, I will tell you that my rating is 5+++.

You know that supplier you can't stop raving about each and every time their product comes up in a conversation? This is that kind of supplier. If I can get married all over again just so I can have a three-tiered, all-edible, whipped cream cake with four different flavors, I would. Her cakes are THAT good.

To be honest, she wasn't my first choice. I didn't even know about her until I went to a bridal fair.

I already had a cake design and a cake designer in mind months before the wedding, and Jay and I even went to a bridal fair so we can avail of a discounted rate just in case we decided to get the said vendor.

But when we were there, the quote given to me was still way over our budget even with the discount, and for a design much simpler than I wanted. I could've worked on it if I wanted, but what made me decide to skip the said vendor was the taste of the cake. Let's just say I was expecting more.

I wanted our wedding cake to not just be beautiful on the outside, but decadent on the inside too. Our wedding cake wouldn't just be decoration. It will be eaten, and it will be eaten heartily. Mainly by me!

Haha. I love cake. Cake is one of my comfort food. I can finish a whole cake by myself , but I'm an adult now so I have to act like one.

So fast forward to another bridal fair my bridesmaid Kat and I visited. There we were, getting overwhelmed with the maze of wedding supplier booths all around us.

We got to the wedding cake vendor aisle and we sampled their products. One stall didn't have a lot of giant cake displays like the others, but they did have a lot of bite-sized samples laid out at their booth.

Different variants of cheesecakes, a carrot cake, a chocolate one, and some other flavors.

I was in cake heaven. First taste of the mango cheesecake and I knew, we found our supplier. But just to make sure, Kat and I went back another round so we can eat the samples again.

That vendor was Joy San Gabriel Young. Ms. Joy wasn't there during the fair, but her husband Martin explained their rates and cake details very well. I wanted to book them already, but of course Jay and I had to decide together.

I sent an email to Ms. Joy for the specific design I wanted. What I love about her is she takes into account her client's budget so she can work around it and still give the client the best product she can produce.

She explained to me the kind of cake we can avail within my budget, the flavors available within that range, and also the extent of the design we can achieve.

There's a fast turnaround for email inquiries, and her replies are clear and thorough.

To avail of the discount, I went to another bridal fair and paid our down payment. Mr. Martin filled out a form and gave it to me, and that's what I brought to Ms. Joy's studio for our cake tasting.

Cake sampling is scheduled on Mondays and Tuesdays only since they have a busy week for events. The studio is located in Galas, Quezon City. I posted the map to her studio at the end of my review.

Our meeting was very productive. Ms. Joy was attentive to all the little details and emailed me her notes the day after. And of course, the samples she served were all delicious. I didn't finish everything so Jay and his family could taste them too.

I also met up with a friend and we were in agreement that everything was good.

Ms. Joy also gave me a sample of her cheese roll. Back then, they were still finalizing the details of a stand-alone kiosk for their baked goods to be sold in malls. And now, it's a reality! You can find their soft and yummy cheese rolls and ensaymada at Marketplace by Rustan's inside Powerplant Mall.

Our final design was a three-tier, all-edible whipped cream cake with four different flavors. Yes, four, because the bottom layer could be divided into two flavors. Isn't that awesome? My main design element was a cascade of light peach peonies with green leaves made of sugar icing.

But in the end we just chose three flavors because the strawberry shortcake was out of this world. That was our bottom layer. Our other two flavors were mango cheesecake (top) and moist chocolate (mid).

The three tiers were sized as follows: 6x5, 9x5, and 12x5 round cakes.

The best part is, we ended up with a cake that cost less than our budget! It's because of the 5% discount we availed at the bridal fair. And of course, Ms. Joy's generosity.

The other flavors you can choose from include coffee caramel, tarta San Marco, apple, or carrot.

For other weddings, after the couple slice their cake, it just sits there like a sad kid forgotten by the others. But not me. I had plans for our cake. Since we already had several dessert options for our guests (including a white chocolate cake, I planned on reserving the wedding cake for us and our families.

What's great is Ms. Joy offered to convert out top two tiers into styrofoam for the wedding day, and give us FOUR boxed cakes (two 6-inch mango cheesecakes and two 9-inch moist chocolate cakes).

It was perfect because we were able to give them to our families. As for the bottom layer, our lucky guests who stayed until the end of the wedding got to take home our cake too.

They have other options like converting one or two layers to cupcakes of mini-cakes. Just talk to Ms. Joy about your options.

Friends, don't overlook your wedding cake. It will be the first thing you taste during your reception proper (your coordinator is supposed to feed you before the program, but that doesn't count), and you want to make that memory great.

Choose wisely. Choose Joy.

Hehe sorry got a little carried away there with my copywriting brain. But, trust me. Go ahead and sample her cakes at bridal fairs. Drop by her stall for cheese rolls and ensaymada. You will not regret it.

Joy San Gabriel
Address: 3F PNB Galas Branch Building, 20 Bayani Street, Galas, Quezon City
Contact Numbers: +63917-5278837 / +632-7439306 / +632-2114820

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