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Wedding Supplier Review: Our Wedding Rings by Tolosa's Jewelry

You will be wearing your wedding rings your whole life so it is important to invest in them. They can still be within your budget, but make sure you research on reputable suppliers that do quality work. I've read a lot of problematic vendors who don't follow what's in the contract and create a lot of headaches for brides and grooms. I'm happy that our chosen jeweler was hassle- and stress-free.

Tolosa's Jewelry is owned by my bother's high school friend Kris. His family has been in the jewelry business for many years and they have a shop in Sta. Mesa, Manila. But because I already sent Kris the designs I wanted via FB Messenger, we didn't have to go to their shop. We just met in QC to discuss the details. I sent him three designs we were choosing from, and then he sent me price quotations for each pair. Jay and I discussed and decided on a design that was both beautiful but also within our budget. Our bands were made in 18k white gold and smooth finish, only mine had 5 pieces of small round-cut diamonds. Jay's band was also thicker since it's for men.

This is one important tip I'd like to give brides out there. Discuss with your jeweler the thickness of your band. When Kris asked me whether I'd want my band to be the same width as the diamonds, I said yes. Of course I had imagined something similar to the photos I sent him, but you know, photos can be deceiving hehe. So when we got the rings, I was initially surprised that my ring was thinner than I imagined. BUT! Eventually I found it to be perfect because it went well with my engagement ring. If my wedding band was thicker, I'd be too hesitant to wear my two rings together because they'd look too much, too over-the-top for my taste. But with the thinner wedding band, my two rings together now look just right.

Here's how they look like when worn together:

This is my Instagram post after trying out the Happy Skin nail polish that's why the bottle is included in the pic. Hehe!

Still, it would be wise to discuss specifics with your jeweler. I don't care much about jewelry and I trusted Kris so I didn't have that many questions. I knew they would deliver and they did! A week after our first meeting, our wedding rings were finished. Kris also said they can do rush production of wedding rings (as in two days!), but those are usually for simple wedding bands.

We got a good discount from Tolosa's Jewelry, and they also threw in free engraving for us. :) I think it's just manual engraving, so you might want to check their output first if you're looking for a machine-style engraving.

We made a down payment during our first meeting and paid the rest once we got the rings.


1. Know your ring size. Kris brought as measuring device with him so it'll be accurate. He also suggested we meet near our wedding date since there are instances when the bride and groom would lose/gain weight, and the finger size would be affected. He also advised to get a size that's not too exact, to give way to future pregnancies for the bride. Not to worry because if you have a ring that's a bit lose, you can do this hack! You know those colorful rubber cords you wrap around your phone charger so it doesn't get destroyed? Cut a couple of loops of the cord, wrap it around your ring, and it'll be snug as a bug on your finger! I've seen a lot of brides do this trick.

2. Discuss the band thickness and the diamond sizes.

3. Check if you're allergic to certain metals. This will save you time and money! Some people are allergic to nickel, et al. and it will be sad if you won't be able to wear your wedding ring, or if you have to replace it.

Click on the link below if you want to inquire about your wedding rings or your other jewelry needs. Happy preps!

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