Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Wedding Supplier Review: Our Invitations by Yanna's Printshop

Yanna's Printshop is a Weddings at Work find. I read positive reviews from previous clients and searched for them during the Themes & Motifs bridal fair. Jay and I also looked at other invitation suppliers (including ones at other fairs), checked out their designs, and decided on booking Yanna's because of their price points and quality of work. Since we booked them at the fair, we got a 10% discount. 

Here's the breakdown of our order:

80 sets of invitations at Php76.50/set
3 pages of 6 x 8 inserts
1 envelope
Free gold foil of bride & groom's names on first insert
Free gold foil or embossing on envelope flap

Total: Php 6,120

We made a Php1,000 deposit at the fair. The person we talked to, Aldrin, wrote his contact number on the receipt and also gave us their calling card. He was also the one who did our layout and was our contact person throughout our transaction. 

Because we were overwhelmed with all the designs at the bridal fair, Jay and I went to their shop in Recto, Manila so we could choose at our own pace. After taking photos of several designs, Jay and I decided on combining the elements and then I made a detailed guide (photos with markings, comments, and instructions) which I emailed to Aldrin. 

We had about 4 revisions, and during this time I needed to constantly remind Aldrin that I sent my reply already, texting and calling him to confirm if he had received it. Turnover was just right, and he would clarify things when needed. For example, I wanted our map to be rendered in water color which I had seen in one of their designs, but he said that was provided by the client. 

For the envelope flap, we chose the embossed option instead of the gold foil. It's one of my favorite things about our invitation! I provided the monogram made by my friend. It can't be seen clearly on the photo below, but under the monogram is our wedding date.

They printed a mock-up (not including the embossed envelope) and we went back to Recto to check it out. After giving our go signal, we waited the standard 10 days for their printing. We got them on time, choosing to pick them up rather than having them couriered to us. 

They gave us three extra copies, and each invitation set actually came with jute strings, which would've been perfect with our rustic theme. TWhen you open the envelope, the inserts would've been tied with the jute strings. However, we thought this would require much effort for the guests, so we did away with them. 

I'd say our transaction with Yanna's Print Shop was fast and relatively hassle-free. We started on January 30 and finalized the layout by February 20, and got our printed invites on March 5. 

I would highly recommend Yanna's Printshop for your invitation needs. Reasonable prices, a wide variety of designs, plus good output.


1. As much as possible, check out their designs at the bridal fair to remove the hassle of going to their shop in Recto. Take photos of the designs you like and just choose later on. 

2. If you decide to visit their shop, take the LRT for convenience. The shop is very near the LRT Recto station, it's across the Isetann mall. Call ahead because they might be attending a bridal fair so the clear book with their designs, along with actual mock-ups, won't be there. 

3. Be very specific with your instructions. Use photo apps with text, Photoshop, or even Power Point so the layout artist can follow your specifications to the letter. This would help minimize the revisions. 

4. You don't have to print copies for each of your guests. We had about 180 persons in our guest lists and only had 80 hard copies printed. Most of them belong to one family, while several were from overseas. There were also a lot who favored a soft copy rather than a hard one. I'd say reserve the hard copies for your principal sponsors and family members. Make a Facebook event page for majority of your guests. 

Invitations are nice to have's. If you have the budget, then splurge on it. Some people hire calligaphers and graphic artists to create a custom suite. Brides on a budget opt for DIY invites. It's up to you to decide which part of the spectrum you belong. Just don't dwell too much on it, because, let's be real, most people just throw away the invites after the wedding. 

Supplier Contact Details: 

Yanna's Printshop
Address: 1755 C.M. Recto, Manila
Contact Numbers: +639493797028 / +639480934151 (Aldrin) / +632-5211156 / +632-8061905

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