Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Wedding Wednesday: How I Proposed to My Girls

One of the first things I did after getting engaged was to let my sisters and girlfriends know I would love for them to be part of my female entourage. 

Although I've already told some of them verbally, I still wanted to give them something special to mark this milestone in my life. 

I went to good ol' Pinterest to look for inspirations to execute my entourage proposals. After finding the right words I wanted to use, I got in touch with Eleanor de Belen. Enon was my classmate in high school, and she's now an up and coming water color artist (check out her beautiful works!). 

Although water color is her primary medium, Enon sometimes posts song lyrics or quotes in calligraphy on her Instagram account. So I asked her if she could write my proposals in calligraphy. Fortunately, she obliged so I showed her my pegs and told her our motif was light peach and gold. I originally just wanted her to do it with normal white paper and black ink, but thank goodness for her creativity, she showed me samples of gold ink and splashes of water color in light peach. It was perfect! 

Now this is a tip I'd like to give brides and grooms out there. While it's a plus to have creative friends who will happily do something for you for free, it would be nice to compensate them for their talent and efforts. Enon and I are friends, but we're not in the same barkada (group of friends), so I was hesitant to ask her this favor. Maybe she would've done this for me for free, but I didn't want to take advantage of her kindness. So I asked for a friendly discount instead. :) 

After getting Enon's lovely calligraphy cards, I thought of a way to give them without revealing my proposal outright. I still wanted it to be a surprise. So I thought of ordering personalized pouches that can be used every day. 

My search led me to Myriad Print Concepts, a startup that makes different printed canvas products. What I love about their pouches is that there's a foam in the inner lining, which is great for your mobile phones and small gadgets. Each pouch costs Php100. I thought these would be great entourage gifts on the wedding day itself, but because I had low EQ and was too excited, I chose to use them for my proposals. Hehehe.

Communicating with them thru IG direct messaging and email was fast and easy. After specifying my orders, they gave me a quotation and then I paid thru bank transfer. We then proceeded with the pouch design. 

I just showed them the design and font I wanted based on their existing product line-up, and I asked them to adjust the color based on our wedding motif. You may also ask them to do a custom design for you for an additional fee.

After approving the final layout, it took only a couple of days for them to finish making the pouches and sending them by courier. Easy peasy! 

Proposing to your female entourage is a great way to show them your appreciation and will serve as great bonding activity too. After all, your entourage will serve as your helping hands throughout your wedding planning. Invite them to lunch, tea, or coffee, and gush together about this new chapter in your life! There will be stressful months ahead but you can make it through with the right people by your side. :)

My sisters and friends loved their gifts, and all of them said yes! Happy my proposals were a success. 

Suppliers' Contact Details:

Eleanor de Belen
Facebook: enondebelen
Instagram: enondebelen
Youtube: enondebelen
Upcoming Workshops Schedule: Water Color Weekends

Myriad Print Concepts

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