Friday, November 11, 2016

Romy Dines at Trufa Pasta Bar

I had appointments in Makati a couple of weeks ago and during my lunch break, I wanted to eat somewhere I haven't tried before. I rarely get the chance to explore Makati because I'm a North girl. There are so many restaurants to try! So I walked around and looked at my options.

I wanted to try Your Local and finally sample their famous Salmon Donburi, but I arrived past 2pm and they already finished their lunch service. I turned around and saw that there was a pasta bar across the street. I decided to check it out.

Trufa is a self-service pasta bar that also offers tapas, salads, drinks, and desserts. Co-owner Patricia Espino wanted to pay an homage to Barcelona, after a memorable trip to Spain. Together with her business partner Gerard Lorente, they created a menu perfect for a quick bite, a leisurely lunch, and even for a wind down after a hard day's work.

The interiors are cozy with wood, black, and white taking center stage. The soft lighting creates a relaxing ambiance perfect for people who just want to hide away from the busy and buzzing Makati. For people who like to hang out at Instagram-worthy places, this one is for you!

Because I arrived after lunch, the place was quiet and only one other customer was inside. Service was quick and attentive.

The pasta bar is a self-service resto but I guess because there was no other customer, a server approached me at my table to get my orders.

From their tapas selection, I chose Montadino de Salmon (Php185), four crispy baguette slices topped with smoked salmon and cream cheese. Crunchy and tangy, I loved this appetizer! They sprinkled green onions and paprika on top, but I think they should also try adding a bit of red pepper flakes for a little kick.

There are three steps in ordering your pasta dish: 1. Choose your salsa, 2. Choose your pasta, and 3. Choose your alegria. In Spanish, the word alegria means joy, cheer, happiness. So for me, that third step is like the cherry on top of your cake! I chose Carbonara Filipina (Php260) for my salsa, tagliatelle (Php50) for my pasta, and trufa (Php50) for my alegria. I've always associated the aroma of truffle to feeling comfort, ever since I first tasted it in a ravioli dish at Bellini's in 2008. And since the restaurant is named Trufa after all, it's only fitting to try their secret truffle sauce.

They also offer Trufa in their salsa selection, but I was curious with the Carbonara Filipina , a mix of crispy dilis, smoked fish, cream, and parmesan.

The serving looks small but it is actually filling. I am partial to salty dishes, and I enjoyed this a lot although there are sweet notes that came from the crispy dilis. The flavors of the smoked fish and dilis are pronounced and blended well with the cream and truffle. 

Trufa is generous with their ingredients, so you get your money's worth. Since the prices for the salsa, pasta, and alegria are separated, the menu can be confusing at first glance so you must remember to compute the prices of all three to find out how much the dish exactly costs. This one totaled Php360. 

Trufa also offers a selection of desserts. I chose the Bocadillo Dulce (Php80), their version of a nutella smores sandwich. A marshmallow coated in chocolate is sandwiched by two chewy cookies, this is a sweet ending to a savory meal.

I would go back to Trufa the next time I am in the Makati neighborhood. And I'll make sure to bring someone with me so we can order more dishes, haha! As a pasta lover, I am elated with all the pastabilities! I want to try their other tapas plates and their signature Trufa dish. Here's their complete menu.


Planters Building, Esteban St., Legazpi Village, Makati
Operating Hours: 11am-7pm

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