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Road-tested: Pure Beauté Bath and Body Products

When I attended the #GetBLISStified workshop, I received a lot of goodies from partner brands. The thing I was most excited about was the Pure Beauté skin and bath products. They are made from all-natural ingredients, and don't contain any SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) or parabens, which are harmful chemicals commonly used in commercial personal hygiene products. 

Pure Beauté is a work of love from Jean Javier, also known as Simple Mama. Her husband comes from a family who makes products from coconuts, so she decided to develop a brand of products made from virgin coconut oil. 

"Simple Mama PH has been something in my heart for a really long time," Jean tells us in an interview. "I wanted to make luxurious natural living available to the middle class (simple) mom. I know that an all-natural lifestyle can be intimidating to the simple mom especially in terms of cost (because we are ever aware of our home budget) and I really wanted to break the barrier."

I'm not yet a mom, but I became part of Simple Mama's target market because I want to be more conscious of the products I use for my face and body. Knowing that these natural products will also help lessen my carbon footprint is a bonus. Ever since I saw posts about Pure Beauté on Instagram, I couldn't wait to get my hands on them. I was especially drawn to the invigorating body scrub, which looked so luscious!

The entire range of full-sized products from the Pure Clean line for Php1,800. Love the packaging!

But because I have sensitive and acne-prone skin, I hesitated in buying the full sized set. I can't count how many times I bought products I had to throw out because I broke out after using them. The thing was, the travel-sized products weren't yet sold then, and were only available for special orders. So it was a pleasant surprise when I found out we were taking home the travel-sized kit for our workshop! Finally, I could try the products first to test if they're compatible with my skin.

The kit includes the clarifying facial wash, the revitalizing shampoo and conditioner, and the nourishing moisturizer. It comes in a clear resealable pouch perfect for traveling. The facial wash and moisturizer also has an additional cap to prevent spills. Although the body scrub wasn't included in the kit, it was fine. I still have a big tube of body scrub I haven't finished anyway.

The first thing I tried was the clarifying facial wash. It has a thicker consistency than most facial washes, and its color is clear rather than white. One small pump is enough to wash the entire face, but you'll wish to use more because it smells so heavenly! The scent reminds me of cotton candy, and I enjoy washing my face with it. There's no tingling or tightness after washing your face, just a smooth and squeaky clean feeling. It also removes makeup well, but you may want to wash your face twice to be sure.

After washing my face and applying my usual toner, I used the nourishing moisturizer. Confession: I'm a few months away from turning 30, and moisturizing has never been part of my skin care regimen. Shocking, I know. Cleanse, tone, and moisturize has been drilled into my magazine-reading consciousness since I was a teen but I never really followed through. Because of my problematic skin, the closest I had to a skin regimen was the Proactiv line, which has an anti-pimple cream instead of the moisturizer, and that's not really the same, is it?

So it was my first time to use a moisturizer. The first night, I pumped more than I needed and I just used the excess as lotion for my hands. And because I'm a noob, I also used the product around my eye area. A couple of days later, I noticed that the skin around my eyes felt more tender than usual, and it stung. The only thing different with my routine was the moisturizer, so of course I Googled if I could use it around my eye area. You can guess what the answer is: a big resounding NO. The skin around our eyes are more tender so we need to use a separate eye cream for them. So for newbies like me, you have been warned!

But other than that mishap, I LOVED applying the moisturizer. Like the clarifying facial wash, it smelled like cotton candy and the formulation is not sticky at all. I have oily skin and this is a perfect moisturizer for me. I use it twice a day, and I regret starting it too late, because just a week after using it, the difference was so noticeable! I attended another workshop and when I posted my photo on FB and IG, three people told me I was blooming. And I totally credit the moisturizer because I wasn't even wearing concealer on the photo, just regular face powder! The evidence:

That's me on the left, with Frances Sales of Topaz Horizon
So there. If I had to pick a favorite among all four products, it's the moisturizer hands down! One pump goes a long way because you don't need a lot for your entire face. And while I still got a couple of pimples, it was during my period, and what's different is they seem to heal faster now. Maybe it's because my face is moisturized and not too dry from using the anti-acne gel on my pimples. I also brought this to my recent trip to Japan, and it worked great for the cold weather. It prevented my skin from becoming dry. 

You want to know something shocking? As I was reading other feedbacks from those who have tried the Pure Beauté products, I found out that the moisturizer was used for the hands! So I clarified with Jean and she said it's actually a face and body moisturizer. See, it is so good and pure that it's gentle enough for your face! I am hooked, I tell ya.

As for the revitalizing shampoo, I was surprised that it lathers well, considering it doesn't contain any SLS. It also smells like cotton candy, and even if I've had an active day (from working out or running errands), my hair retains the smell. I also dyed my hair and even if I didn't use any other treatments, my hair didn't become dry or frizzy. That's the virgin coconut oil at work!

Among the four products, the revitalizing conditioner is the one that smells like coconut. Using it instantly transports me to the beach! And like the shampoo, this worked great for my dyed hair. 

I'm so excited for the other products they will offer. I hope they come out with a makeup remover since I've seen a lot of articles on the web about the wonders of coconut oil as makeup remover (and general beauty use). 

For now, you can buy the Pure Clean set at the Simple Mama website. They also offer other lines such as the Pure Detox (a set you use once a week to remove product build-up and impurities), Pure Baby (the gentlest products for your little one), and Pure Bounty (Virgin Coconut Oil, which I'm interested to use for my baking). You can buy them as a set or individually. You may also order thru their hotline, +639067044249. They're now offering the Pure Clean travel-sized kit for only 599! 

Simple Mama has also begun to get distributors around the country to reach more clients and help moms earn. Jean shares: "That is the other aspect of Simple Mama PH, we are built for distributorship so that moms may have the option to make an income as well." 

Now for the best part! Because you read until the end, you're in luck because the generous Simple Mama is offering a 10% discount to those who will purchase their products from my page! Just go to their website, create an account, choose the products you want, and input the code SIMPLEMAMAPH-RIAG upon checkout. This is an EXCLUSIVE OFFER for my dear readers so go, go, go!

Simple Mama PH

*Road-tested is my review of products I purchased (unless indicated otherwise). If you have product recommendations or situations for my next road tests (waterproof products on the beach), leave a comment below!

**2nd and 4th photo from Simple Mama's Instagram.

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