Friday, October 28, 2016

Blog Biz Blogging and Chika Workshop: How to Earn From Your Blog

Developing my blog is my passion project for this year. I know, there are two months left in 2016, but my deadline for this is September 2017. To help me achieve this, I previously attended the #GetBLISStified Workshop, and I also took online courses that teach me how to blog more purposefully. While I am still in between jobs, I want to use my time wisely by taking advantage of workshops and other resources that will help me reach my goal.

That's why when Frances Sales, a successful blogger and my former office mate from Summit announced she's having a workshop, I immediately signed up, no questions asked!

Before she became a blogger, Frances was the editor-in-chief of OK! Magazine. She was one of the few people from other Summit magazines who became my friend. We went to the same event and talked while were were on our way to the venue. At that time, her husband Vince was also the editor-in-chief of T3 Philippines. I remember seeing them together in the pantry and I always get kilig because their love story is like a book/movie plot.

When OK! shut down, she concentrated on blogging, at first maintaining three blogs (Topaz Horizon, Topaz Mommy, and Beauty For A Living), until she dropped the other two and combined everything on Topaz Horizon. Now, blogging is one of her family's main sources of income. It also allows her to spend more time with her husband and three sons. She's also the co-founder of Beauty Biz Bliss, a community of and for working women.

I am a fan of Frances because aside from her writing credentials, her opinions are always so honest and refreshing. When I read her blog, I know the brands she works with are really ones she patronizes. She's such a credible voice that I often think of her whenever I pass by a Skechers stall and when I pick up Jolly mushrooms/corn kernels at the grocery (she's an ambassador for these brands)!

With Frances. This is the second Topaz Horizon workshop I attended!

Our workshop was held at the main office of Flawless in Ortigas on October 8, a Saturday. The rain was pouring hard that afternoon, but we all still made it. Most of the participants were mom bloggers, because Frances is a mom blogger herself. We introduced ourselves, what our blogs are about, shared our blog journeys, and what we want our blogs to be (aside from earning!). It was great listening to other bloggers because even if we may write about the same things, we also have specific goals we want to achieve for our blogs.

The main focus of the workshop was how to earn from blogging. Just like Frances, the workshop was clear and straightforward. She gave us tips and actionable steps on how we can pivot our blogs to make them earn, without sacrificing what we are about. She even gave us an assignment, to make our own About Page and our own media kit! A media kit is what you present to the brands so they can know more about you and your blog, to help them decide if they want to work with you.

I won't divulge everything that we learned here, of course! But I will tell you some of my key takeaways from the workshop.

1. You need to commit. 

Blogging is hard. Writing is hard. Your blog will not magically earn money even if you do nothing to it. You have to put in the work, you have to put out content that is engaging and will make your readers come back for more. You also need to put yourself out there, as in promote your blog. Because if nobody knows your blog exists, nobody will read you!

2. You have to be consistent. 

This is the problem I am having now, because even if I have the content for the blog, it's the discipline and consistency I'm lacking. I am still trying to work out a writing habit, and I guess it goes back to number 1, which is commitment. It's easy to say I want this blog to succeed, it's another thing to make it happen. But I will! So hold me accountable, dear readers! If you see no content from me for several days, leave a comment and ask me why. You're also welcome to suggest things you want to read here. You may check out my About page and see what this site is all about. I need all the help I can get, so let's do this together!

3. Looking the part comes with the job. 

This may seem trivial and shallow, but Frances underscored the importance of looking good in the world of blogging. Just because you work from home, doesn't mean you can forego fixing yourself up when it's time to go out and attend events. You don't have to look like you stepped out of the pages of a magazine, but you have to look appropriate. Show up like you mean it, not like you were forced to be there.

The third learning is one of the reasons why Frances partnered with Flawless for the workshop. She told us how Flawless helped boost her confidence by helping her with her acne problem. And she wanted us to experience the Flawless service too, so each one of us came home with a free gift certificate for one of Flawless's new offers, the Rejuvelite Insta Facial. I can't wait to try it!

Flawless Marketing Manager Renée Funtanilla also dropped by to discuss what brands look for when building a relationship with bloggers. This was helpful because we got an inside scoop on how we can establish and maintain relationships with brands, which is one of the ways to earn with your blog. I loved Renée's presentation! It was catchy and unique, a tip she also gave us because she kept saying, "You're marketing to marketers." So that's one thing to keep in mind.

Class picture! With Renée Funtanilla, marketing manager for Flawless (fifth from left, standing).

Does this make you want to know more about how to earn with your blog? You're in luck because Frances is having another workshop this November. There's no definite date and time yet, but it will be in BGC, possibly on a weekday morning.

I can vouch for this workshop because you won't only learn about blogging, you'll also love the chika part. And you can't beat her workshop fee at P600. Like her Facebook Page to know more. Leave a comment below if you're interested!


  1. Hi Romy! We're classmates in Frances' Blog Biz workshop. I love how you shared your experience during the workshop. Keep it up! It's my first time here, dropped by thru Frances FB post.
    Are you going to her next workshop? May tentative date na yata.

    1. Hi Wena! Thank you. :) Yes, I remember what you said about how stopping from blogging somehow affected your momentum. Let's hope we do better this time. :)

      I won't be attending the next workshop, I think the topic will be the same.