Friday, September 9, 2016

Road-tested: Happy Skin Glam Squad Liquid Matte Lipstick

Homegrown makeup brand Happy Skin recently launched their latest collaboration, the Happy Skin Glam Squad. Known for their collaborations with celebrities, Happy Skin has now teamed up with four of the country's top makeup artists: Juan Sarte, Mickey See, Jigs Mayuga, and Denise Go-Ochoa. 

Makeup artists Juan Sarte, Mickey See, Denise Go-Ochoa, and Jigs Mayuga. 
"By collaborating with the country's star-makers and most celebrated makeup artists, Happy Skin Glam Squad gives women the celebrity experience while keeping the brand's well-loved promise of makeup that cares for your skin," says Rissa Mananquil-Trillo, who co-founded Happy Skin with Jacqe Yuengtian-Gutierrez in 2013.

Rissa and Jacqe have long been a part of the fashion and beauty circles, with Rissa being one of the country's top models and Jaque previously working for an international skincare brand.

Rissa shared with us why Happy Skin chose the four Filipino makeup masters. "In my fifteen years in the fashion and beauty industry, I have not seen anyone as enduring as these four," she says in an email interview. "They are the people responsible for elevating the visual language of beauty in our industry. The standards they've set have become aspirational to their peers and to many women. It's no wonder they have become the most sought-after makeup artists of celebrities."

The collection includes liquid matte lipsticks (Php699), eyeshadow duos (Php899), a color and contour palette (Php1,399), an arch definer & brow mascara (Php949), and a special brush set with case (Php2,999). The main Happy Skin line is known for its eye-catching pastel packaging, but the Happy Skin Glam Squad collection comes in an elegant rose gold packaging.

Juan Sarte's makeup chair has been graced by the likes of Judy Ann Santos and Maine Mendoza. To achieve a modern look, he chose a universal mauve liquid matte lipstick and eyeshadows in bronze and champagne. 

Mickey See is sought after by brides and has painted on the faces of Kristine Hermosa-Sotto and Liza Soberano. You can create a blushing look with his deep blush liquid lippie and eyeshadows in shimmery peach and light brown. 

Jigs Mayuga is the go-to makeup artist for Cheska Kramer and Shaina Magdayao. He chose a rose-brown liquid lipstick and matte eyeshadows in black and brown to help you create a bold look. 

Denise Go-Ochoa's celebrity clientele includes teen queen Kathryn Bernardo and Bea Alonzo. She came up with a peach liquid lippie shade, and eyeshadows in caramel and medium brown shades to give you a fresh look.

Days before the launch, I chanced upon the collection at their Trinoma stall. Being a makeup newbie, I was drawn to the liquid matte lipsticks. For me, when my eyebrows are groomed and I have lipstick on, then I'm good to go. I swatched the four shades, and found the one by Mickey See suited me the most. 

From top: Denise Go-Ochoa, Jigs Mayuga, Juan Sarte, and Mickey See. 

For the roadtest: 

When J's sister let me try her Colour Pop liquid matte lippie, she also had the lip primer. Now as I said, I'm a total beginner, so I only have Chapstick in my arsenal. I used that to prime my lip, then I applied a single coat of Happy Skin's Mickey See shade.

Look at that rich formula. One swipe at the bottom and one at the top.

The lipstick glides easily and the formula is long-wearing. Simply using tissue paper won't remove it. You only need a few seconds to let it dry, and it's not sticky. Pretty soon you forget that you're wearing it at all. 

When I say it's long-wearing, I mean it. After drinking water, eating lunch, and grabbing a sandwich, this lippie passes the test. Yes, the lipstick leaves a trace on your water bottle or the spoon, but not enough for you to need a major touch-up. The only time I did was after eating a bowl of ramen. Just a little note: when worn, the shade leans towards the color purple more than blush. I don't know why it doesn't translate into my photos. A photo here shows a closer resemblance when worn.

Left: Freshly-applied. Right: After eating dinner.

My favorite thing about the Happy Skin Glam Squad liquid matte lipstick is it's not drying at all! Lipsticks tend to make my lips dry, and matte lipsticks are more notorious for that. Maybe the Chapstick helped too, but I've been using my Mickey See as an everyday lipstick and my lips remain moisturized and chap-free! The lipstick contains Cupuaรงu Butter, which hydrates and heals your lips.  

I highly recommend you pick your own Happy Skin Glam Squad liquid matte lipstick (and a few other items from the collection too if you're a makeup junkie). With four shades to choose from, you'll definitely find the one for you. A portion of the collection's sales will also be given to the four makeup artists' choice of charities. So you'd be helping others too with your purchase! Now that's beauty with a purpose, ain't it? :)  

Happy Skin is available in major malls, Plains & Prints and Beauty Bar branches, and online.
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**The first six photos used in this entry were from Happy Skin's Instagram. 

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