Friday, September 23, 2016

Get Blisstified: An Afternoon of Passion and Positivity

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines passion as "a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept." 

When I was asked in a job interview what passion means to me, I said it's something that seeps inside you, like blood. It's something you can't turn away from, no matter how hard you try, it will always manifest itself. And for me, that passion is writing. 

There was a time in my life when I thought of changing careers. I thought there must be something else out there for me. But writing has always sustained me, it did not only make me earn, but it also enabled me to best express myself. So after trying to walk away from it several times, this time I decided to embrace it. 

Enter Get Blisstified. Ever since I met Martine De Luna at the Topaz Horizon x Bobbi Brown Workshop, I've wanted to attend her own series of workshops, specifically the Blissmakerie. But it always gets sold out so fast! 

Martine is the editor-in-chief of Make it Blissful, and she used to offer blog coaching services to her clients. 

With Get Blisstified, Martine collaborated with life coach Kimi Lu. There's a fancy, scientific term for what Kimi does, but using my own words, Kimi helps you get into the right mindset to achieve your goals. 

Kimi Lu and Martine De Luna

When the workshop was announced, I was immediately interested because it promised to help people with their passion projects, with actionable steps and guidance from both Martine and Kimi. And they weren't just doing it for one day, but for one whole year! 

The first #GetBlisstified workshop was held on September 3, Saturday, at the lovely La Creperie in Burgos Circle, BGC. The second floor was reserved for us, 22 individuals each with a passion project we decided to finally pursue. I was very excited to be in the company of women who had the same intentions and maybe hesitations as well. But we were there to learn and take the first step together. It was a huge relief to know that I wasn't alone in this.

The afternoon started with a little energizer and introductions of attendees. It was like the first day of school, but each of us ended our introductions with three things we were grateful for on that day. It was a great way to start on such a positive note. 

I initially thought Martine and Kimi would huddle with each of us to discuss our passion projects, kind of like consultants. What happened was we were divided up in pairs, and we got to work on our projects with our partners, with Kimi and Martine as our guides. We laid them all out, discussed our action plans, and even envisioned the results a year from now (an effective exercise as I and my partner Kat could attest). 

What I discovered that afternoon was that each of us has a different passion project in mind. Yes, there are those launching their businesses, those who want to develop their blogs (like me), but there are also those whose passion projects include building a family, studying again, and creating an art camp for kids. 

But even if we have different journeys ahead of us, we all have one destination: the realization of our passion projects. 

The best thing about the Get Blisstified experience is having a support group and mentors to help you out. I love how you have a personal cheering squad to help you stay motivated, even when the everyday responsibilities and stress get in the way. They also help you to keep your eyes on the prize with monthly and weekly activities. I can't wait for September next year, when we meet again, a graduation of sorts. 

Maybe it was just a coincidence that we were all women who attended, but Get Blisstified is open to everyone! 

The pioneer members of the #GetBlisstified Workshop with Martine and Kimi. 

With my seatmates DJ, Kat, and Juno. 

That afternoon, we didn't just leave with a renewed mindset, we also went home with a lot of goodies! Each participant received a personalized journal from Wishlist Studio, which we will use during our year-long journey. We also got a lovely-smelling candle from Balay Kandila (I got a big one because I paid early), a travel size beauty kit from Pure Beauté (shampoo, conditioner, facial wash, and moisturizer made from virgin coconut oil), plus a sample tube of Make A Difference moisturizer and a free facial certificate from Origins. Several Grateful Jars were also raffled off. I must mention that we enjoyed a wonderful meal of eggplant moussaka and chocolate crepe from La Creperie. I will definitely go back to try their bestselling Angelina hot chocolate. 

The good news is Martine and Kimi are having a new #GetBlisstified workshop on September 28! It'll be held at Earth Kitchen, BGC from 10am-1pm. The fee is Php2,500/pax. You may contact 0917-493-0722 for further inquiries and registration. If you've been pushing that passion project on the back burner for a while, then it's time to face it head on! 

*Awesome workshop photos from Nico Belasco and Myra Ho.


  1. Great post and blog, Roan! Nice to see you writing again, and I'm so excited for you! :) *hugs* -Rapunzel

    1. Thanks Pu! :) Hopefully this time I make it right.