Sunday, August 28, 2016

My Chuvaness x National Book Store Picks

Chuvaness is one of the few bloggers I follow and when she announced her collaboration with National Book Store, I was excited because of three things: I know it would look good, it will be of high quality, and that I could afford it.

With the help of graphic designer Yodel Pe and illustrator Keeshia Felipe, Ms. Cecile Zamora Van Straten came up with a line of paper products, pouches, and bags.

Because I still have a lot of notepads and notebooks, I immediately zeroed-in on the utility kit and multi-pouch. I love pouches and organizers made of canvas because they go with everything, while the design of the utility kit is just too cute. I plan to use it as my extra makeup storage.

I wasn't in Manila when her two-day pop-up at SM Megamall happened so I thought I was gonna miss out. Luckily, National Book Store made them available at their select branches.

The first store I went to at Trinoma only had the paper products, so I bought the gift wrapper in kraft paper for 99 pesos.

The Chuvaness x NBS stand at Trinoma branch.

Ms. C then informed her followers once the items were available online at But the multi-pouch and utility kit were out of stock!

Luckily when I went to Shang this Saturday, I spotted the utility kit (399 pesos). Still no multi-pouch though.

Kawaii illustrations. The color palette matches my blog!

I was about to pay at the cashier when I spotted the giant carry all. It was huge! And the mini bag was cute too. Decisions, decisions. I went with the carry all because at 699 pesos, it's a steal.

Ms. C is a stickler for quality so the tote is made of durable canvas but still surprisingly lightweight. Alam mong hindi tinipid. The stitching is sturdy so even if I stuff a lot in there, it can really carry all. It has a pocket on each side, and even has a hook inside so you can attach your keys or coin purse. Winner!

Huge totes are love!

Look how roomy it is! Yes, I put my entire bag plus other purchases in. 

And guess what? When we went across to Megamall, they had the multi-pouch (299 pesos). I had to get it of course. It's great for storing your passport and other travel documents.

Great design, perfect for travel junkies!

I love the transparent pocket at the back. And the sturdy zippers!

The pack rat in me is so happy! This is what the inside of my bag now looks like:

Zipper inception. :p

So if you happen to drop by National Book Store, check out #ChuvanessxNBS and you'll surely get your bang for your buck.


  1. Haha so cute. Thanks for posting!!

    1. Is this you, Ms. C? :) I love everything I got!