Monday, July 2, 2018

On taking a break and taking the plunge.

Hi guys!

Don’t you miss the old days when a blog was an online journal where you talk about your days and your thoughts, and your readers comment on your day and your thoughts, and you even gain new friends in the process?

The blogging world has seismically shifted. I admit I’ve become trapped in that mode too, in that I often ask myself if my blog entry will add value to my readers (thus generate hits and views), that most of my thoughts get trapped inside my head, and so no entry gets published. And in social media posts, I get so disappointed when I read a sentence or two followed by a call to action for a sponsored product. (Did you know they hire people to write those post captions? Yeah, they do.)

I miss the old days though. So for today I have no eat list or travel post or wedding supplier to review, I have no shopping trick or beauty product to test, this is just me and my thoughts.

Recent events, particularly the deaths of Kaye Spade and Anthony Bourdain hit me hard. As a mental health advocate, I felt compelled to write something to help create awareness about mental illness and suicide, and not just add to the senseless chatter that usually surround a popular person’s death.

I was able to do a short piece on it, but I also want to write a more in-depth story related to mental health and mental illness, hopefully sooner rather than later.

At the same time, I decided to step away from social media as much as I could (It’s a gradual process, I still find myself peeking every now and then). It’s hard, because much of my work now relies on content found on social media, and even communicating with my coworkers happen online.

But I’ve made good headway. I went back to my reading list, I completed chores and errands I’d been putting off, and I caught up with my TV shows.

I also decided not to write anything work-related for a couple of weeks. The thing about writing online is there are much tighter deadlines, and when you don’t manage your time well, it will eventually stress you out. So after I finished a big project, I rested. I focused on my copyediting job first.

While on my self-imposed break, I reached out to a friend to get feedback on a personal project I had been working on. I also unearthed my writing books, including a couple that were gifted to me. Suffice to say, they inspired me and reminded me of a once long-held dream that I shoved aside because I thought I could try something different.

If you’ve read until this part, I wish you one thing. I hope you are doing what you love, what you really love, and not getting lost on what the world is telling you you should do to get ahead or be en vogue. It’s worth going against the current. Believe me, I know there’s a voice inside of you full of doubt, but I hope the voice that says you can do it screams much louder today.

P.S. I didn’t link this to any of my social media accounts, so if you read this because you genuinely wondered what I was up to, congratulations! I’m glad you found me haha. Let’s chat. :)

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